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Need a domain or email? Looking for additional images? Need a logo and branding for your new website? Need help with your content? We have a range of additional services available.

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Wix Training

Do you need help with the Wix business and marketing tools? Do you need help with advanced features such as your shop, blog, paid plans or members area? Are you building your own website and have hit a roadblock? We provide one-to-one live online training from as little as £75.


Would you like to maximise the power of your words? We're not all great with our words, so if you're struggling to get your message across or just need a grammar check, our team can provide copywriting and editing services for your website content.

Logo and Branding

Do you need a logo and branding for your website? We can provide you with an eye-catching logo and branding from as little as £150.

Stock Media

Quality media can transform your website. If you need more high quality photos, vectors or videos for your website, we have access to thousands of royalty-free stock media including photographs, illustrations and videos to use on your website.