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So that you only pay for what you need, the price for each application is based on your specific requirements (eg; the number of products in your shop or the number of booking services you offer). Some applications require, or would benefit from, a visitor login or full members' area which would be included in the price. A wide range of additional third party applications and plug-ins are also available upon request.

Advanced Features

Whether you are running a restaurant, hosting an event, writing a blog or selling products, our advanced features will provide the functionality you require. You can choose one or more applications for your website so it does exactly what you need.


A fully branded, robust online store with multiple payment solutions, quick checkout, competitive shipping rates and custom tax groups. Checkouts are PCI compliant.



An online scheduling system so your customers can book appointments and classes right on your website. Customers can make online or offline payment. You can also add and manage staff calendars. 


Whether you're running some training, hosting a conference, having a wedding, or selling tickets to a show, this event management platform enables you to sell tickets and collect RSVPs right on your website. 

Restaurant and Take Away

An all-in-one, easy to use, restaurant system which allows you to create a stunning menu on your site, take commission-free online orders and reservations, and receive payments.


An all-in-one online booking system that will revolutionise your hospitality business. It gives small properties -B&Bs, boutique hotels and vacation rentals control of your booking and reservations management.

Art Shop

Everything you need to showcase and sell your art right from your website as digital files, licenses and physical prints. Option to connect with 'Order a Print' for physical print sales.


Showcase what you love and create a stunning blog with rich media elements whilst you grow your online community and boost your SEO. Includes the option to set up multiple writers.


Keep your visitors engaged and active on your site with an online community forum. Your visitors can become members, join conversations, follow posts, leave comments and more. 


Groups are a great platform to get to know your members and get them talking about your business, club, interests or community. You can post updates, share media, start discussions and much more. 

Training Programme

Create and sell online personal training programmes to keep your clients engaged and inspired to achieve their goals. Easily manage participants and track progress on your website and mobile app.

Video Showcase

Everything you need to showcase your videos on your site. Create your own video channels, enable viewers to watch, purchase, share and subscribe to your videos. - All commission-free.

Audio Showcase

Let fans stream, share, download and purchase your music directly from your website. - Everything you need to take your sound online, and get your music played. - All commission-free.


Showcase and stream podcasts right on your website using RSS feeds. Instantly create series feeds and episode pages for audio and video podcasts.

Image Showcase

The most professional gallery on the web. With advanced image settings, so you can show off your images, videos and text the way you want. Keeps your images safe with built-in image protection.


Accept online donations from people who want to help you fund your project. Add incentives by sharing the project goal and social activity status, view the donors list directly in your PayPal dashboard account.

Payment Plans

Sell subscriptions, memberships and packages for services, products, content, communities and software. Offer recurring or one time payments using a variety of secure payment providers.


Is your business located in a popular tourist destination, or does it attract an audience that spans beyond your own country. Give the option for visitors to select your website language.


Provide site visitors with answers to common questions about your products or services and, in doing so, save yourself time by reducing your requirements of online customer support.

Advanced Forms

Use powerful industry-leading forms on your website to capture the right  data from from visitors while benefiting from advanced marketing, sales, CRM, payment and  social media integration.


Let visitors contact you whenever you're online, initiate a chat with visitors browsing your site and even capture their information when you're offline.

File Share

Share files on your website. Enable site members to search for specific files and organise them in folders. Give site members custom access permissions, and decide who can view, upload, download and manage files.


Organise and manage your site data using the built-in database for content you want to display on your site, or information submitted from site visitors. You choose how and where to use this data and control access permissions.

Social Feeds

Proudly share your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter feed directly on your website and engage visitor with your social content.

Customer Support

Unbeatable customer support solution. Putting all support channels under the same platform. So your knowledge base, tickets, chats, and calls work together as one.