• Zoom

    30 min

    40 British pounds
  • Zoom

    45 min

    60 British pounds
  • Zoom

    1 hr

    70 British pounds
  • Zoom

    2 hr

    130 British pounds
  • Zoom

    3 hr

    180 British pounds

How does it work?

During your session, we will complete updates to your website's content, design, layout, or functionality based on your requirements, or simply provide help and guidance. We can provide a quote for any work not completed during the session. If the focus is on SEO, we will provide feedback on the changes required to improve your your website's SEO relating to the design, layout, functionality and settings. If requested, we can make the changes for you during the session or provide a quote for the work to be done after.

Just so you are aware, Live Pro sessions do not cover any aspect of advanced code development. Change of plans? You can cancel for free up to 1 hour before your session is due to start. 

Instant results with a Live Pro session.

If you need updates, improvements, help or guidance for your Wix or Editor X website, our Live Pro sessions are perfect. We work through your requests live online, giving you feedback and results in real-time.