Flexible website servicing.

If you already have a website and it needs some updates or improvements, then our flexible website servicing is for you. We can help with any aspect design, layout and functionality for your existing or part-built website. 


Website servicing from only

Website servicing is charged at a fixed price based on the work required. Need regular updates? Save money with our monthly maintenance plans below.

Core Features

Improve the functionality of core built-in business and marketing tools such as inbox, contacts, invoicing and quotes.

Design & Layout

Re-design and improve the layout of elements, sections, pages or your whole website or refresh branding and aesthetics and improve user experience.

Advanced Applications

Set up or improve the functionality of advanced applications such as bookings, events, e-commerce, blog, online programme or media gallery.


Ensure those with specific visual, motor-function or auditory requirements can equally access, navigate and interact with your site's content.

Domain & Email

Set up your custom domain and email so you look more professional and strengthen your brand.


Improve the performance of your website on Google search through content, layout, indexing, keywords, backlinks, alt text and heading tags.

£20 / month

Turnaround time for small jobs.

Rate for website updates outside of inclusive time. Excludes custom code development.

Rate for custom code development.

Full access to our client portal.

Monthly health check to ensure your website is functioning as it should with small fixes included.

Contract period

Inclusive time per month.

Monthly optimisation.

£75 per hour. Charged per minute.


4 days.

Turnaround time for larger jobs.

 2-3 weeks.

6 months.



Tailored website maintenance.

If you already have a website and you would like to keep it up-to-date and functioning properly, then our flexible maintenance plans are for you. All plans include a monthly health check to keep your website functioning properly. Use your inclusive or additional time for content updates, addition of new features or section redesign. Choose from a range of plans to suit your requirements.

£20 / month

Website maintenance from only

Website servicing is charged based on time worked. Inclusive time, hourly rate and turn-around time varies for each maintenance plan. Monthly health checks and optimisations do not use up your inclusive time.

Let's recharge your existing website.

From fixed price servicing to monthly maintenance plans. From small tasks to big projects. Updates, improvements and checks to your website's content, design, layout, or functionality. We've got it covered.